Phone lines getting pricey?  We can help.

Have an elevator, fire alarm, security system, or even your office phones on a standard telephone line?   If so, you have seen an increase in the costs of running these plain old telephone lines.   In August, the FCC put order 19-72A1 into play.  This order by the FCC has removed regulations from the old copper lines.  The owners of the lines no longer have to maintain them or give competitive rates to those who wish to resell them.  The idea for this FCC order is to encourage the owners of the copper lines to develop newer, faster, and better technologies (ie. fiber-optics.)

The standard bearer for communications for over 100 years has been copper telephone lines, and many systems rely on these to operate.  Elevators, fire alarms, and security systems all require this style of communication.  If you are seeing the price of your phone service skyrocket –  we have a solution that will convert the old system to work with newer technologies, potentially save you money, and future-proof your organization.   

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