Surveillance Checklist

Protecting your employees and your investment and monitoring your locations doesn’t have to be challenging.   The following is a list of items frequently on our installations. Here’s how you can get the most out of your surveillance system.

  1. Camera Position/Objectives

What is your objective for your surveillance system? Once you have decided on the goal, you will be able to determine what cameras will be needed and how to position the cameras to achieve this objective—also, factor in items such as lighting, visibility, and weather. There are several camera styles: dome, bullet, point-to-zoom, and cameras with varifocal lenses. 

  1. Analog vs. Digital

There are several advantages of replacing your analog cameras.   The main reason to upgrade to digital/IP cameras is video quality.   Watch the video below as an example.

  1. Software/Licensing 

Can you access your Surveillance system outside your office/location?   Having a robust, scalable product to meet your needs is essential.   Can you view your cameras remotely, through a browser or app, with real-time notifications based on your settings?   Does your current DVR/NVR allow you to scrub through your recording quickly, identifying objects in specific zones? These options will save you and your employees time (instant ROI.)  How complex is your camera/software licensing? Digital Watchdog from Ficek Electric offers a simple lifetime licensing solution for your commercial and enterprise DVR/NVR and IP Cameras.    

  1. Hard Drives

With the amount of data sent to your NVR’s hard drives, your hard drives need to be rated for surveillance.   Standard hard drives are meant for 6-8 hours a day of use. Surveillance NVRs are recording video 24-7. A typical drive will die quickly with the amount of data written and viewed by a surveillance system. Digital Watchdog from Ficek Electric recently partnered with “Seagate®, which includes using SkyHawk™ surveillance hard drives to deliver end-to-end, industry-leading video surveillance solutions. Smart, safe and secure, Seagate SkyHawk hard drives are engineered for 24×7 surveillance, providing 3× the workload rating of desktop drives.” 

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