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JC Heerdt

Why So Many Phones?

Did you know there is a system that allows all of your calls, texts, and voicemails connected to a single phone line?   Once you Elevate your phone system, you will completely control the business line and offer additional communication products to your team, like inter-office chat, file backup, and online video conferencing.

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Surveillance Checklist

Protecting your employees and your investment and monitoring your locations don’t have to be challenging.   The following is a list of items frequently on our installations. Here’s how you can get the most out of your surveillance system.

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Free Office Phone? Done.

Free phone with every user. Elevate your Office communications! A complete communication system, ready to grow with your business. Add text messaging, team chat, mobile applications, video conferencing, file back-ups, and even Microsoft Office/ Teams integrations! Plus, we might even be able to SAVE you money on your phone lines!

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Phone lines getting pricey?  We can help.

Elevators, fire alarms, and security systems all require this style of communication.  If you are seeing the price of your phone service skyrocket –  we have a solution that will convert the old system to work with newer technologies, potentially save you money, and future-proof your organization.   

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Ditch the “Potato Camera” Security System

Having a security camera system installed is a great start, but what’s your return on investment if the quality is grainy, blurry, and hard to make out? Ficek Electric & Communications can upgrade your existing security system with our IP-based cameras and state-of-the-art DVR systems (with mobile access.) We also offer intelligent cameras with object tracking.

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Add Text Messaging to Your Office Line

Your customers aged 18-40 PREFER texting over a phone call.   Gen Z & Millenials are all about their smartphones.
100% of text messages are read.  (No unread inbox like email)
74% of people say texting is the best method for businesses to reach them

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