Jay D. LeSeure – WCMY-AM 1430/WRKX “95-3 JackFM”
NRG Media, LLC

“The follow-up from Ficek during those first few weeks was exceptional.”

“We had delayed replacing a 1992-era phone system for several years until we contacted Ficek Communications and was introduced to the Avaya system.

Our aged phone system did not provide for any voice mailboxes. In fact, we contracted with an outside source to have an after-hours service that allowed for callers to leave a message. The old system also did not allow for any auto-answer capability; thus, the phone lines would ring until someone could answer.

We were very concerned about how successful the interface with a new system would be since the radio station has some very unique requirements involving the studio phones that put callers on the air.

The installation and cutover went perfectly. It was amazing on the first day to experience the efficiency of having voice mailboxes for employees and an auto-attendant feature that was friendly to in-bound callers.

The follow-up from Ficek during those first few weeks was exceptional. All of our questions were answered and the technicians were very patient as the system was tweaked to operate flawlessly with the on-air phone configuration in the studios.”